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Welcome to the most comprehensive solar power resource on the internet. My name is Richard Stubbs, I'm a solar power engineer and author and my mission is to show you how you too can save money with solar power.

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Economics of Solar Power
Do not be fooled by the common misconception that solar power is uneconomic in the real world; that it only works in hot countries or that it's somehow no use for lighting because "the sun doesn't shine at night!" The truth is that, because of rapid advances in manufacturing and economies of scale, solar photovoltaic power is very much a viable alternative today.

Far from their traditional role in power supply for inaccessible areas of tropical countries, solar panels are now appearing on office blocks, industrial buildings and homes. Many more small solar power systems operate street lighting, road signs and environmental monitoring equipment all over the world. As the cost of traditional sources of power such as oil continues to increase, preferential tariffs have been introduced in many countries to encourage solar generation and ameliorate the effects of reliance on fossil fuels.

Benefits of Solar Power
Solar power has brought enormous benefits to people all around the world. Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, I have seen people from all parts of the world gain a great deal from solar power.

The value of lighting for homes and schools many miles from the nearest power station cannot be measured only in financial terms. Equally the environmental benefits may well outweigh the cost for many.

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